Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rare Drug Profile: Bromo Dragonfly

Scientific Name:  1-(8-bromobenzo[1,2-b;4,5-b']difuran-4-yl) -2-aminopropane

Effects:  Hallucinogen (visuals, changes in mental perception, mild stimulation)

Description:  Bromo-dragonfly is a potent, long-acting synthetic hallucinogen with phenethylamine-like effects.  First synthesized in 1998, this rare specimen is best known for its role in a gruesome case of gangrene in a (Swedish man) and other deaths around the world.  Despite its catchy name, bromo dragonfly is best avoided by all except the most experienced psychonauts.  

Methods of Ingestion:  Active in microgram doses.  Usually taken orally in doses ranging from 100 mcg. to 1 mg.

Safety Precautions:  Vasoconstriction, gangrene, seizure, accidental overdose, death.

Sample Trip Report:  “This trip progresses like a steam wheel...heavily, huffing, puffing. This trip is forced out of my brains, I taste iron in my mouth, sometimes I'm a little bit scared...about everything, and nothing. Maybe not scared but worried, or something like that….I seem to be unable to form logical sentences in Finnish. :D Constructing sensible sentences is a hard work for me.

I CAN NOT compare this to shrooms or LSD. Sure we are in the same universe, but in entirely different planet, solar system or galaxy. I’m worried about the physiological effects of this drug. If this would not be a research chemical I could just let go and enjoy the experience. I think my body temperature rose at the beginning since I was really cold all the time... Then again I was cold just minutes ago, so maybe it's just FUCKING COLD in here!?! :D At least my sense of humor is still working. Sometimes I feel itchy, and my kidneys feel strange, but then again, they feel strange sometimes when I eat shrooms. Is this just my imagination?”

Source: Bromo-dragonfly Vault


  1. im tripping balls i will prolly kill myself right after i hit publish

  2. still tripping balls, but im ok guys