Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Do I Get a Medical Marijuana Card?


Long story short, I used to smoke weed daily until my friend got busted last month.  I haven't smoked since then and feel nervous all the time, can't sleep, ect. but am to paranoid to toke . I live in Montana where medical mj is legal but don't know anyone who gets it.  Can you tell me how to get a medical marijuana card?  I really want it by the end of this year if not sooner.

I have really bad social anxiety and ADHD if that helps?  Thanks!!



Dear Anonymous,

Sorry to hear about your friend.  While your paranoia is probably unnecessary, caution is certainly warranted when using an illegal drug.  I'm no legal expert, but avoiding arrest definitely falls under the category of "harm reduction" which I know a thing or two about :) 

Before going on, let me warn you that a medical marijuana card is not a magic shield against prosecution.  Lawmakers determined long ago that marijuana is addictive, dangerous and has no legitimate medical use, hence its placement Schedule I.  Even with a medical card, you can get into serious trouble if you're caught driving under the influence or carrying more pot than your state law allows. 

As for obtaining a license, the process varies from state-to-state.  Here is a basic overview to get you started:

1.  Research the qualifying conditions in your state to see if you meet the requirements. provides a detailed breakdown of the symptoms and conditions eligible for treatment with marijuana. 

2.  Schedule an appointment with a marijuana-friendly physician in your area.  When discussing your symptoms, be as honest and thorough as possible.  Focus on the ways your condition impairs your daily functioning, different treatments you've tried and anything else you consider important.  Your doc may also look at medical records and other data, so lying is not a good strategy. 

3.  Fill out the application form and send it in along with any additional fees or identification required by your state.

4.  While waiting to receive your card, make use of your time by researching your state's mmj laws.  The number of plants you're allowed to have and other details are more than strong suggestions--violations can result in serious legal trouble. 

*Additional Tips:

DO:  Take a symptom log to your doctor's appointment.  No need to write a novel; a few sentences about the severity and duration of your symptoms (date and time optional) is enough.  The benefits of a symptom journal are twofold--it helps you remember important details while showing your dedication to finding a solution. 

DON'T:  Show up to your appointment late in full hippie regalia with weed and Cool Ranch Doritos on your breath.  Doctors don't take kindly to drug-seeking "laymen" who insult their medical intelligence with poorly-crafted lies. No need to wear a suit and tie, but do make an effort to be clean, on time and prepared for your appointment.

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