Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bromo-Dragonfly Deaths in Oklahoma

Cody Weddle, 20, was arrested for supplying the deadly dose.

Yet another reason to avoid large doses of unknown drugs--

"OKLAHOMA CITY -- Seminole County authorities said a second person has died after taking the drug first thought to be 2C-E at a home in Konawa last weekend.

Andrew Akerman has been listed in critical condition since taking the drug, but authorities said he died Friday morning.  Investigators said eight people took the powerful hallucinogenic, which has similar effects to ecstasy, at a home in Konawa on May 7.

After chemical analysis of the drug, officials now believe the actual substance was another powerfully-hallucinogenic designer drug know as Bromo-DragonFLY.

Stacy Jewell, 22, died after taking the drug. The other seven were injured. The young adults obtained the drug from Cody Weddle, 20, who, investigators with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said, bought the drug off the Internet. He was arrested on a first-degree murder complaint in Jewell's death, but the D.A.'s office said they are still deciding what charges they plan to file."

This story is close to Mary's heart because of her personal ties to Oklahoma...and research chemicals.  While accidents like this are rare, the fact remains that--short of reagent testing--there is no way to be sure a given drug is what it claims to be.  This goes for street drugs as well as "legal" drugs like 2C-E and MDPV.  If you don't own a test kit, the best alternative is to start with a miniscule dose when taking a new batch of drugs.          


News on 6:  Second Victim Dies After Taking Designer Drug in Konawa


  1. Weddle just recieved two 20 year sentences for 2nd degree murder both with 10 years suspended running concurrently. You can find the story at This is a tragic story and Bromo-dragonFLY is nothing to mess around with. It seems to have as high an affinity for 5-HT3 receptors as it does for 5-HT2 receptors meaning anyone that ingests it can enjoy 2-3 days of extreme GI irritation and nausea (and possibly seizures). A word to the wise, don't play with this one, it is pure evil.

  2. Second degree MURDER??? For WHAT?? Christ....that french actress got 30 days for shooting and killing Spider Sabich!!! Pointing a gun and purposely shooting another human being!!

    OJ purposely slit his wife and her lover to pieces with a knife and got off!!! Casy Anthony suffucates her LITTLE DAUGHTER...ON PURPOSE.....and goes dirty dancing....and THIS KID gets THAT brutal sentance for something he forced on noone??

    Taking drugs is always a personal responsibility and as long as this kid didn't know that this would happen, that sentance is way to harsh. That sentance was supposed to be a sentance based on "sending a message", and not just punishment.