Saturday, June 11, 2011

Rare Drug Profile: Ethchlorvynol (Placidyl)

Scientific Name:  Ethchlorvynol

Effects:  Depressant (sedation, intoxication, slowed breathing).

Description:  Ethchlorvynol, better known by the brand name Placidyl, is a now-obsolete depressant drug with barbiturate-like effects.  Chief Justice William Rehnquist was addicted to the drug for nine years before his death.  Placidyl was discontinued in 1999 due to its high risk for side effects and abuse.

Method of Ingestion:  Oral.  Available in 100, 200, 500 and 750 mg. doses.

Safety Precautions:  May cause respiratory depression, unconsciousness, coma, cardiac arrest, addiction or death. 

Sample Trip Report:  "On several occasions after taking Placidyl 750's I remember the following day drifting into the wildest vivid dreams and saying some off the wall shit that would have people around me in tears! I guess I'd slip into REM for just a few seconds, but a few seconds of REM seems like an hour! I turned a girlfriend onto one and remember her screaming "pass the fucking butter!!" while she was passed out. I woke her up and she thought she was at the dinner table eating corn-on-the-cob!!! I guess I probably went through withdrawals at times, but I didn't realize it because those words weren't spoken in those days." (Bluelight)

Source: Ethchlorvynol Vault

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  1. Placidyl was also prescribed to America's most decorated war hero, Audie Murphy. Instead of helping him with his PTSD, it probably made it worse.