Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bath Salts Banned States

     1.  "My state recently banned bath salts.  What exactly is a "bath salt" and which drugs are included in the ban?"

     Bath salt is a catch-all term referring to a group of synthetic compounds with similar pharmacological effects.  The very definition of "bath salt" varies from state-to-state, making the laws difficult to interpret.  For the sake of this review, we'll define "bath salts" as follows:

*Mephedrone//MDPV//3-FMC//4-FMC ("flephedrone")//BK-PMMA ("methedrone")//methylone//butylone. 

2.  "What happens to a drug, and its users, after a ban?"

Banned chemicals go into Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act along with hard drugs like heroin and crack.  It then becomes illegal to possess, sell or manufacture said drug for any reason.  Anyone caught doing so will be treated as if it was heroin or crack--often facing heavy fines, hard time or other forms of indentured servitude.

3.  "Which states have already enacted bath salt bans?"


WA:  Mephedrone, MDPV
OR:  All except 3-FMC
ND:  mephedrone, MDPV
OK:  All except butylone
AR:  All except butylone
LA:  All except butylone
MS:  mephedrone, MDPV
AL:  All except butylone
GA:  mephedrone, MDPV, 4-FMC, BK-PMMA, methylone
FL:  mephedrone, MDPV, 3-FMC, BK-PMMA, methylone
KY:  mephedrone, MDPV, methylone
WI:  mephedrone, MDPV
WV:  mephedrone, MDPV
VA:  mephedrone, MDPV
NJ:  All except butylone
PA:  All except butylone 
IL:  MDPV (All cathinones?)

4  Are more bans on the way? 

Yes.  See below.



***Absence from this list does not imply that a substance is legal.  Check your local and state laws before purchasing bath salt drugs.  

In addition to state laws, several Federal bills have been proposed to make bath salts illegal at the national level.  You can track the status of each bill below: 

I will attempt to update this list as I hear of new bans.  If I've left anything out, please contact me and I'll correct it ASAP.  And remember:  ignorance of the law is no defense for breaking it!  Not in a court of law, anyway.  Staying informed is the key to freedom in a police state such as this. 

Be Safe Kiddos,

Mary Microgram


  1. Please add Illinois to your list, it was signed by our governor today. It is illegal as of now July 22.

  2. Ugh. Sorry to hear it. Will add right away. Thanks!

  3. Texas bill passed and goes into effect sept. 1, 2011.

    It bans all jwh compounds, the AM series and bath salts.

    Its a very broad bill

    I think its a total of 350-400 Research chemicals being scheduled.

  4. Thank you. I'll update TX as "Upcoming Ban" for now. That's a ridiculous amount of chems to schedule at once. I'd like to see the evidence that all 400 are dangerous, addictive and lack medical value. Texans should be pissed.

  5. Texans are too busy worrying about their cars to notice their civil liberties being ripped out from under them.

  6. Maine should now be added to that list!

  7. has this been banned federally yet? Im in SD, so just wondering!

  8. i do them every day YUMMM

    1. Oh which are the good ones and where do I get them I'm in Missouri

  9. I have a holistic bathline I've been making for 10 years... We use a combination of salts to make a therapeutic soak... How in God's name (and I rarely use his name) can the government ban salt? I understand the synthetics... which is why I make what I do... but salt?? This is gonna escalate- marijuana style (and I dont smoke pot- still I do think natural herbs should be legal).

    Im so very disappointed in our country at the moment...
    and if you are interested in a quality product... its legal in Arizona and you can find us at

  10. And if you read these laws- they have banned the synthetics- not the natural stuff. How eye opening. We should not be so outraged that that they banned the synthetics- but that the synthetics were ever legal.
    What you put on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream 60 times faster than what you eat... we shouldnt be putting anything on our skin we wouldnt ingest. It causes liver and kidney damage, cancer and innumerable health problems...

    after reading this better- Im grateful that the integrity of what IS put on our shelves now has a higher standard. At least its natural!

  11. Let me tell you guys something. You can ban bath salts all you want, but the creators aren't dumb. I understand people are worried for their significant other, but these creators will just change the name.
    In Ga, bath salts are banned, but now people buy stuff like "massage powders," and "powdered incense." You can keep banning those too, but you're just wasting your time.
    People who know business and prosper the money they make from it aren't dumb when it comes to making profit. They will just keep changing the name for the packages.
    What happens when they decide to rename it adult baby powder(just an example)? A powder that's supposed to help alleviate rash is going to be used improperly. Then the government is going to ban that too.
    There are endless names the creators can choose from. So you guys can go ahead and try and ban everything that's harmful out there. Then it's going to get to a point where teachers and students won't have writing utensils.

    1. No, they banned the ingredient in bath salts which make you crazy. Since that makes up bath salts, is there any other way to make bath salts, so they won't harm people when eaten?

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  13. "Bath salts illegal in Michigan
    August 01, 2011 9:18 AM "
    This comes from Lansing, MI news channel3

    1. I know of a place in Michigan that sells bath salts. I want to know how I can report this.

  14. i think you people are ridiculous! you're sorry to hear that its being mad cause youre not on this shit at all. obviously these drugs are dangerous to your otherwise the label would read fit for human consumption. i have done drugs but they are natural no way in hell am i gonna shove chemicals down my throat to get away from things i cannot handle! you people want drugs try being sober and dealing with reality instead of running from it. this drug does hurt people and their families, it should be banned every where!

  15. I know of a place in Michigan that sells bath salts. I want to know how I can report this.

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